QuickPortal, Inc

Operating System Consulting

20794 Russell Lane

Saratoga CA 95070

Phone: 408-868-0401

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QuickPortal is a consulting services company whose team has broad experience in Linux, Solaris, AIX, HPUX and Irix Operating Systems. Our developers have a strong background in networking, file systemsperformance and related areas. We have an established record of specifying, designing and implementing custom solutions for a number of corporations.


We typically work on turnkey projects which require a mature perspective on thorny system issues such as multi-processing, stability, deployment, portability and speed. Often, we initiate and develop solutions from scratch with minimal input from our clients.


A Sampling of Recent Work


  • Performance: QuickPortal has designed and implemented a TCP/IP offload stack for Solaris. This project required the careful mapping of the Solaris network framework upon the network framework supplied by Linux. In this architecture, all network services for Solaris applications are provided by a dual processor MIPS engine running Linux. As a result, Solaris applications transparently obtained greater network throughput and more CPU cycles than otherwise possible.

  • File systems: QuickPortal developers have been involved in porting and maintaining SGI IRIX CXFS technology to Solaris, AIX and HPUX. This includes IRIX volume management and clustering technology. Our team abstracted essential kernel interfaces used by CXFS such as vnodes, kernel threads and sockets to be portable across different operating systems. We are very familiar with sub-systems and kernel interfaces for these operating systems.

  • Networking: Our principal has led a team of developers at Luminous Networks in defining the initial software architecture of the Luminous platform. We have worked on ATM and DLPI drivers for Solaris. We designed and implemented a portable AppleTalk stack for AIX, Solaris, AUX and other platforms. We have specified implementation of FORE ATM drivers to Auspex NFS servers.

  • Concept-to-Customer: We work on turnkey projects from concept to customer delivery.  For example, we designed and managed the release of HP-UX to Stratus fault tolerant systems. We provided technical leadership for the project. Our role involved building a development team from scratch, defining project deliverables, resource allocation and technical leadership. It also involved keeping management apprised of project progress and issues of corporate significance.

  • Internet/Windows NT: QuickPortal has designed portions of Intuit’s Quicken Bill Manager application to be re-branded for different partners.  QuickPortal was involved in the development of the Quicken Bill Manager Web Site. Our principal has architected the VitalSigns Software's VitalAnalysis product. VitalAnalysis is a unique web server which collects quality of service (QOS) data from VitalSigns Software's award winning NetMedic application.

Companies We Worked At

Projects at:        
                                              Hitachi, Apple Computer, Bay Networks, Intuit, National        
                                              Semiconductor, Stratus Computer, SGI, Auspex Systems, 
                                              Force Computers, Molecular Dynamics, Hybrid Networks, 
                                              VitalSigns Software, Opus Systems, Comstock Systems, 
                                              Luminous Networks, Resilience, BioStreet, Cadence, Tadpole
                                              and others.


Services Offered

QuickPortal works in a variety of ways for the success of our clients. Our team has a strong record in taking software technology from conception to product. We believe that every client is special and we provide services tailored to the needs of our clients. Some of the services we offer are:

Architect and implement new projects.
Design review of ongoing projects.
Perform detailed investigation of issues and projects.
Implement and bring up prototypes.
Enhance existing systems.